With our extensive selection of custom floral arrangements and decorations, we are confident that we can fulfill your every need. Our unique designs, created with locally-sourced vases, are sure to impress. Whether you're seeking flowers that will perfectly complement your restaurant's ambiance or decorations that will provide solace and comfort at a memorial or worship service, we have the skills and expertise to exceed your expectations. Trust us to bring your vision to life with our exceptional floral arrangements.

Gifting + Custom Designs

Looking to give your home some new life, especially in these winter months? We’ve got you covered with our selection of eye-catching custom floral arrangements in all shapes and sizes! 

Forget the basic vases – we’ve partnered with some seriously talented local ceramicists to bring you pieces of art that double as home decor. So go ahead, give the gift of style (even if it’s to yourself) with our one-of-a-kind arrangements.

Memorial + Worship Services

Flowers are one of the greatest symbols of love and life.  Our memorial and worship florals and garlands can be tailored to perfectly reflect your heartfelt sentiment. Let them be a source of comfort and hope as we honor the memories of those we love.

Office + Restaurant Flowers

Small touches, like a perfectly placed table centerpiece or a colorful compote can truly transform a space, bringing warmth and joy to anyone who enters. Whether you’re a restaurant owner looking to create a cozy atmosphere or an office manager seeking to brighten up your workspace, a little bit of creativity can go a long way.